Firm profile

Costanzo & Associates, PLLC was established in Wheeling by Lou Costanzo in 1976. After graduating from Miami University in 1995, Mike Costanzo joined the firm shortly thereafter. For nearly 50 years, Costanzo & Associates earned a reputation for quality accounting work.

Woomer Nistendirk & Associates, PLLC was established in 1996 in Charleston under the ownership of Steve Woomer and Robert Nistendirk.

Costanzo Woomer Nistendirk, PLLC was established in November 2023, after the accounting firms joined forces via a long-awaited merger. The firm has more than 70 years of combined experience and operates from two offices in Charleston and Wheeling, West Virginia.

We offer tax, accounting, consulting, and financial planning services primarily in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We do, however, prepare tax returns for clients in most states. Our higher-level tax services are primarily focused on tax planning throughout the year in order to make appropriate recommendations before year end so that our clients can minimize their tax burden.